About the .k12 Art Project

.k12 Art Exhibit Project

Hi Everyone,

The goal of my art project, called .k12 is to create a gallery exhibit  about public education in Boston from the perspective of parents and caregivers. I started doing artwork about education in 1993 while working as a teaching artist at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in Pittsburgh.

Now, as a parent of one current and one recent graduate of Boston Public Schools, I want to create an art exhibit to honor the ideas of the many people who volunteer their time seeking a better education and future for their children. I am inspired by the parents/caregivers that I meet in Boston.

On this blog, I will post images documenting the spaces and events I attend such as Family Council meetings. I invite you to add your comments (and photos - send to me) with your own opinions on:
  • What would you do if you could change the Boston Public Schools?
  • How have you been involved with Boston Public Schools?
  • What are the biggest obstacles facing the Boston Public Schools?
You can also browse past posts on this blog which document budget cut protests and other activities from the last five years and my various letters to politicians and BPS personnel. Some are a little strong : )

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