Thursday, March 26, 2009

pictures from rally at State House

Screenshot of Channel 7 Coverage - thanks to the organizers for printing out and hanging the posters! How is it that they started this article with "Dozens" when they were about 700 people - a little off-base in their estimates!!!! Images of the "save the arts" trash can design that I made on t-shirts and DVDs. Ginny still has some t-shirts left - size large if people want to purchase - all proceeds to BLS Arts and BLS Home & School.

Jill and I attempt a media intervention with Fox News who arrived at our school to cover vampire rumors and were not going to cover the budget- they let us speak! Thanks! Picture further down, nothing lining up right. Also further down BPS parent Kenneth holding the poster I made with his moving quote from an earlier BPS school committee hearing.

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