Art Background & Examples

I have always done artwork that either documents or engages in social and political issues. Over the years, as both a part-time teacher and parent of public school students, I have returned to the theme of public education in Boston. Below, are some examples of my work with this issue. For other types of visual art projects, please see,

K12: Series begins as a Project for Imaging New England

From September 2000 until April 2001 I worked on a series of 16x20 prints and digital audio interviews called ".K12". I created the series as part of a group exhibition called "Imaging New England". The exhibit opened in April of 2001 at the Mobius Gallery in Boston, MA. A main component of this exhibit was an interactive CD with digital video, photography, and audio of all three artists. The exhibition was part of the 2001 Boston Cyberarts Festival. I created montage-style prints from interviews that I conducted with students, teachers and politicians from both urban and suburban public schools systems in and near Boston, Ma.

One of several prints in exhibit
Mobius Gallery

.K12  Evolves into Activist Project 

As an active parent collaborating with other parents/students protesting school budget cuts, I created pieces for people to hold and wear at events to draw attention to their concerns over the funding of public education in Boston. I created poster-sized prints, tee shirts, and DVD covers for Boston parents Lobby Day at the Massachusetts State House, 3/26/09, to protest massive budget cuts to Boston Public Schools (BPS). Approx. 700 parents participated and numerous politicians and civic leaders spoke. "Save BPS Arts" t-shirts were worn by parents and the high school band that played at this event, poster were taped to the interior State House walls.

Parent with his poster

.K12  Online organizing

I collaborated with members of the Boston Arts Academy Family Council to create an online petition that received hundreds of comments and drew attention to a substandard Boston public school building.  I designed a front and back cover for the petition that highlighted the opinions expressed by the signers. Students and parents hand-delivered the printed petitions to Boston City Council, the Mayor's office and the Boston Public School Committee in 2013.

Front Cover
Back Cover

.K12: Documenting Community Engagement

As I begin my last year as a Boston Public School parent, my goal is to visually document as much as possible the work of other active parents and create an art exhibit out of their words to honor their energy and activism.
Me- testifying at a BPS hearing, 2012ish
Stuffing envelopes 

Making art out of Words
I enjoy creating expressive artworks out of letters and words. Below is an example from a creative typography assignment that I did as a student.

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