Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Letter to Mayor Menino

Lobbying at City Hall, 2013 (Click to enlarge photo)

Dear Mayor Menino,

I am the parent of Boston Public School students, one of whom attends the Boston Arts Academy.  I am upset that the Mass School Building Authority rejected  the  "Statement of Interest"  to renovate BAA so that now there is no funding for this unsafe building.

The classrooms are beyond overcrowded, teachers conduct lessons in hallways and closets - no joke.  This is a dual-curriculum high school so has unique structural and safety requirements that are not being met which leads to injuries, stress, interferes with learning and violates codes.  

·      90% of the arts spaces do not meet the minimum requirements laid out by MSBA.

The elevator has DROPPED more than once with a student inside it. There is no buzzer//camera safety entry system as at other schools even though this building is next to bars, parking garages, and a major sports arena.

Your direct involvement as mayor is critical to getting MSBA to accept a new "Statement of Interest."  We believe that Mike Galvin, Chief of Public Property should support BAA's renovation.

We appreciate the help and support Martha Pierce has offered thus far.  I once had the chance to call in and she was so nice on the phone!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Lisa Link,
Parent and registered voter, Boston, MA

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