Friday, February 6, 2009

Boston Latin School Gets Least Per Student

A page out of the BPS Budget reveals that the Boston Latin School, a  public high school serving 20% of the city's high school students gets the LEAST amount of money, $4,430 per student, as compared to say,  $17K at Day & Evening Academy. 


  1. Hi, Lisa. That looks like a huge number of kids enrolled at Boston Latin. That would help explain why costs are low per-pupil -- many kids to absorb the cost of the Principal, electricity, heat, etc. (the stuff that doesn't scale very much with enrollment -- unlike cost of teachers who you need more of the more kids you have enrolled for example). The whole dollar amount of their budget is more of a tell here I think. They have the largest budget, as well as biggest enrollment. I think what might be an interesting thing to examine to really gauge the situation is a comparison of dollar amount increase over last year for each school (this number as a percentage increase for each school would also be a valid way to look at the same phenomenon). Then you could see if there were a trend in less funding for this school compared to others and then as adjusted for per-pupil. Just a few thoughts for you...

  2. these numbers seem skewed and some don't add up