Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Boston Schools to cut Art and Phys Ed

Today learned that the Boston, Public Schools will be eliminating art and gym from my son's middle/high school as well as most of the new, dynamic academic teachers. This is a school where many of the students participate in the arts either through bands, choruses, drama. They have so many performing groups that they spread the holiday concerts over two nights, three hours long each.

If you know statistics on why creativity and physical movement in education is important, please email me or let me make you an editor so you can post the info for people to use in letters to the governor, city council, school superintendent.

Tonight at the holiday concert the conductor had to announce that all the music teachers were probably going to be laid off. If was so depressing. His daughter, a recent graduate, talked about how she just texted a friend who cried when she heard. The student performers talked about how they wouldn't have made it through school without music, that they wouldn't be standing there today. The music program is probably the best thing at that school, the most dedicated teachers. I am devastated.

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  1. Bad news. I remember when they cut arts and theater in my high school while they started building a new football stadium. I never did sports, and this felt like a terrible blow.

    A Harris Poll from 2005 said "93 percent of Americans agree that the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education for children," so you're not alone. More details on the poll here:

    Check out Americans for the Arts (, a national policy-making group that aims to bring more arts into communities. See the page on research (